Our Firm.

Our practice is limited to private wealth law – specifically, planning, litigation, and administration.

The core of our practice is advising clients regarding their estate planning, wealth preservation, and taxation. However, unlike many firms, we also advocate for clients in litigation and tax disputes involving trust and estate matters. We believe representing clients in different realms of private wealth uniquely positions us to leverage knowledge and experience gained in litigation to assist planning clients, while also positioning us to have an informed outlook in litigation that necessarily involves complex areas of taxation, estate planning, and trust law that are not common in general litigation. As part of our limited practice, we also advise fiduciaries – individuals and corporations – throughout all aspects of trust and estate administration. Again, knowledge and experience gained in planning and litigation lend invaluable insight to our fiduciary clients.

Our goal is simply to serve our clients in these areas at the highest possible standard, not to become a full-service firm offering all things to all clients. The complexity of our practice areas requires a depth of knowledge and continuous study of the law that would not be possible if we were to divert time and resources to other fields. Instead, as trusted advisors, we very often work closely with clients to identify counsel in other fields of practice to serve our clients at the highest level when a need arises.